Web Development Services

Website Development

Whether you need a new website, a dedicated landing page created or even improvements made to your existing website, we can help! 

What do we use? 

In order to provide a cost effective solution, all of our websites are built using the Wordpress platform. In addition, all of our websites are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. 



How does the design process work?

The website will be designed according to your specific brand guidelines and requirements. We will incorporate your logo and create a style that matches the image and reputation of your organization. 

How long does it take?

Depending on the requirements for your website, the entire process takes between 4-8 weeks. This ensures that we have adequate time to develop, review and test the website to ensure it is in 100% working order. 


What happens afterwards?

Once the website is complete, you will have complete access and control of the website. We will provide a training workshop to teach you the basics. In addition, we also provide instructional videos that are specific to using your website.

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